Management & consulting

Business consultancy

Using our innovative high-performance solutions, you can take control of everyday challenges.
Our experience and expertise will allow to find suitable solutions either within your company structure or your finance departments.
Good advice and personalised solutions will allow you to maintain your ability to anticipate and resolve potential issues practically and effectively.

Tax consultancy

As every corporate decision has an impact on taxes, we represent and ensure that your interests are safeguarded in your relationship with the tax authorities. We also plan your long-term taxation matters.

We can, in particular, assist you with the following tasks and issues:

  • Tax consultancy for companies and individuals
  • Tax optimisation and planning
  • Filing of tax returns and verification of tax assessments
  • Defending your interests in tax procedures
  • Advice on VAT

We answer your tax questions whether they relate to cantonal, national or international interests and we show you their impact on your taxes.


We deal with the outsourcing of your accounting activities and can in particular assist you with the following tasks and issues:

  • Accounting data entry on different programs onsite or remotely
  • Payment management
  • Securities accounting
  • Preparation of annual financial statements and assistance or handling of audit follow-up.
  • Preparation of (monthly, quarterly or annual) accounting reports
  • Onsite or remote temporary provision of trained independent staff.

Payroll management

With regard to payroll and HR management, we can handle or advise you concerning the following tasks:

  • Monthly salary processing
  • Administrative management of human resouces (contracts, dismissals, absences, etc.)
  • Management of withholding tax
  • Relations with different social security authorities and departments
  • Finding insurance packages related to human resources.
  • Drafting staff regulations
  • Drafting claims payments as well as their approval by the tax authorities
  • Drafting profit-sharing plans for your staff
  • Advice on domestic and cross-border social security matters.

Outsourcing and substitution

You can delegate the finance function of your company to us and we are also able to provide you with personal support onsite with accounting and administration. We also offer the temporary replacement of your staff and provide assistance if you face an excess workload.

Family office

We advise our clients to find optimal solution for the management and administration of their family assets.

Our shareholders are members of the executive management team,
which assures the independence of our company.